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Dipping My Big Toe Into Online Dating

Dipping My Big Toe Into Online Dating

From the Dating Archives…

I decided last weekend, after talking with a former lover (oddly enough) to try online dating. My dilemma was that given that most of my girlfriends are in relationships, I don’t have a lot of friends to go “prospecting” with. So my que of dating men has diminished a bit.  Combine that with the fact that, I kind of am a little timid feeling after my last relationship, which has resulted in me not meeting anyone I’m interested in, in my normal daily activities either.  Although to be fair to myself, I live and work at home, so I have to consciously get out and do things outside of my house in order to meet anyone.  And lately I just haven’t been in the mood as much.

After some research among friends I chose eHarmony. And after 7 house (yes 7 hours) my profile was complete, all questions were answered, photos were up, discount coupon figured out (cause I wasn’t gunna pay wholesale for this little experiment) and I was online.

My first matches were DISMAL. I was ready to stop dating all together if this was the best a computer program with oooooooooooooodles of information could come up with. But I stuck with it. (For all of 12 more hours till new matches appeared in my inbox.)

So tonight – day two – and I have new matches. I learned that in this dating niche girls apparently can approach guys without fear that they might think we just want sex.  It’s suppose to be more acceptable and less assumptions made than say at a bar.   No idea, just what I’ve heard. So have decided to go with it.

Now I have always maintained that a lot of people who date online have zero game. Game being defined as the ability to approach someone they don’t know, and have an interesting conversation, possibly resulting in the exchange of phone numbers.  If I had any doubts about this – let’s just say they were confirmed in spades. eHarmony actually has something called “Icebreaker” in which you can use “Guided Communication” to approach one of your matches. OMG they are serious!

While I may be a woose when picking up guys, I think I have a little game, so I will be attempting my first online interaction unguided.

Gulp. Stay tuned to hear how it goes. I’m sure hilarity will ensue. At any rate, eating my words. I have now officially joined the online prospecting clan.

My Follow Up Blog is here: eHarmony Deconstructed

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