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So I’m on the phone with my photographer, scheduling a time to pickup my latest work. I tell him Friday won’t do, as I’m going to Vegas. He says “You aren’t getting married are you?” I say “No – at least I don’t think so.” I couldn’t help that last part – and here’s why.

For some reason, my photographer is always bringing up marriage. I think he just can’t see why I’m still single, why no one has snapped me up yet – which is sweet. It isn’t that men haven’t tried, I’m just…. selective. Plus, every time I go to Vegas, someone asks me this question! My family keeps thinking I’m eloping and not including them. This would be the point of elopement, but trust me if I planned to get married/ elope, it would be on a beach, not a wedding chapel with some rented tux and gown.

Then again – the thing with Vegas is – you never know. The temptation is there, especially if you were to say, bump into someone you were once in love with. So this weekend, I’m heading to Vegas – and if I decide to get married I probably won’t tell you – since what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

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