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Every morning I have green tea.  The brand that I buy has a little message on each tea bag tag.  And so one morning I open up my tea bag and it says Truth is Everlasting.  And then the next morning, I open up my tea bag, and I get the same saying.  I open a new box of tea, and after about the 4th or 5th morning of this same message I reach for a bag and say, I bet this bag will say Truth is Everlasting, and of course I’m right.  So then I think, well I must be getting a message of some sort, only what the hell does it mean?

I call one of my best friends, in a bit of a panic because I’m getting a message from the universe, only have no way to decipher it.  She’s out of the country and no help.  Then I call my sister and get a philosophical discussion of what truths might be everlasting. And she suggests that I write in my journal some truths I think are eternal, and that’s probably it.  So I do, and I think OK I’ve got the message. Next day open up my tea bag, and there it is again.  Truth is Everlasting

So now I’m yelling out “What is It?  I don’t get it!”  But decided since it’s the weekend that I’ll write in my journal about whatever else might be a truth.  And as is generally the case, after about 3 pages, I get at something that was on my mind.  I wasn’t necessarily an everlasting truth, but it was a truth about a wish I had in my life that I had not been honest with myself about.

And the next morning – a different tea bag message. Finally!

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