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Clearing the Distant Past: Do 400 Years of Witch Hunts Still Impact Us Now??

Clearing the Distant Past: Do 400 Years of Witch Hunts Still Impact Us Now??

This post may be too esoteric for most – but I thought I’d post it anyway – just in case it wasn’t.  In the past few months I have gotten into discussions online which have lead me to read parts of The Hammer of Witches – the main guidebook to “detecting” women who were deemed “witches” during the late middle ages (1300’s) to the early 1700s.

Reading through some of it – I admit I cannot stomach reading all of it.  It is too mad/crazy of a read for me.  I have noticed that

Women were deemed witches if:

  • they had the ability to heal,
  • they were intuitive,
  • they were midwives (which often is a combination of the first two),
  • they enjoyed sex
  • they had a voice and weren’t afraid to speak their mind.

I believe that in our collective consciousness there are still traces of these witch hunts and trials. And, going out on a limb, I also believe that to some extent, a lot of us as women have a few of these beliefs stuck within our psyche.  And are, unconsciously, acting upon it – by stifling one or more parts of ourselves.

For example, when I first started to notice that I sometimes just “knew’ things – which I now just take for granted as my intuition – I was incredibly worried that this was an evil thing.  I stifled this natural ability in myself for many years.

The funny thing is – I find that we as a culture look down on “intuition” but not on the more male form of intuition “gut.” The characters Booth in the the Fox TV show Bones, and the character of Jethro Gibbs in CBS’ NCIS are both highly intuitive creatures, who use their “gut” to guide them in finding the killer in every episode. Gut feel in our culture is elevated, Intuition, is not. Yet Gut and Intuition are the same thing – just one is feminine and one is masculine.  And the masculine, still – hundreds of years after the witch hunts ended, is the one that is ‘allowed.”

The reason this post might be slightly esoteric is that I think that when we are able to uncover the subconscious beliefs that are holding us back – we move forward.  At times quite rapidly. So if you are so inclined, a read through Part 1, Question 6 of the Witches Hammer might be quite illuminating – as it is the chapter that expounds upon why women are evil and therefore, most likely to be witches. here’s a link.

Tell me what you think, either way.

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