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Stop Waiting, Start Doing

Stop Waiting, Start Doing

Editor’s Note: I wrote this post two weeks before I was reintroduced to my soon to be husband. I can’t help but wonder if my shift in mentality (i.e. my increased ability to allow myself to have) had something to do with it…

In my early 30’s I kept putting things off, because I was waiting to do them/ have them when I was married or in a long-term relationship.  I didn’t have the furniture I wanted, because I figured, why bother? I’ll be married soon, so put the money in savings.  I didn’t go to the resorts I wanted to go to, because I didn’t want to go alone and didn’t always have a girlfriend willing or able to go.

But over the past few years – I’ve stopped waiting.  Little bit, by little bit, I have started to do and have anything I want – and not put it off because I’m waiting. Yes, waiting had some practical advantages.  Like it isn’t as much fun, and I can’t always do everything the way I would if I was traveling with someone. (For example, I don’t like to got to bars or clubs on my own, because I don’t feel safe.) But at the same time, I get to meet people I wouldn’t other wise meet.  I sometimes get a waiter to come sit with me for a bit, or the restaurant manager, and get tidbits about the city and sometimes even a complimentary desert in the process.  And in a funny way – some of the people I run into tell me they are envious of me, because I can keep to my own schedule, not a shared one!

So today, I am sitting in a room, at a resort that was the last somewhat local resort I was waiting to experience until I had that elusive life partner.  I came here for work, paid more than I probably should have. But I’m here.  And I enjoyed the resort. And can now go back to my more favorite resort in this area, because I’ve decided this place, not all that “wow” anyway.  Beautiful, but my other place is much more “me.” (Funny how sometimes something we’ve been putting just out of reach, once reached isn’t all that big of a deal. )

But I digress. The point is – I stopped waiting.  And have been allowing myself to experience and have the things I want to experience and have.  And it feels pretty good.

What have you been putting off or not allowing yourself to have because you’ve been waiting?  When would Now be a good time to change that? ; )

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