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Ever Noticed that Unisex Really Means Men’s Small?

Ever Noticed that Unisex Really Means Men’s Small?

I was driving by the high school the other day and saw a co-ed gym class running up the road.  All the young adults were wearing the same shorts and shirts. This really meant that all the girls were being forced by the school to wear smaller versions of men’s clothing. The argument would be that this is “cheaper.” But given that there are over a 1000 students at each school in our area, that isn’t a valid argument.

While I’m not suggesting men and boys need to wear women’s clothing. I am suggesting that girls and women need to be allowed to wear clothing that fits them.  Men are flat in places women are curvy.  What type of message are we sending to our teenage girls when we insist they dress in shapeless men’s clothing?

I’m not suggesting we give these young women something sexy. I’m suggesting young women be allowed to wear a shirt with slight v-neck in it. Or a shirt that is tailored to allow them to have breasts.  Making it possible for a young women with breasts to not have to order a size larger than she should just because the shirts don’t accommodate curves.  And allowing petite women and girls to not have to walk around with overly big clothing just because they aren’t a man.

When I worked at Deloitte Consulting, we were always being given clothing by the company.  Guess what?  Even a men’s small did not fit me.  And most of the time, whomever was organizing the event, would seem to forget that 1/2 of the workforce was women, and only order a few men’s small shirts. Which meant I ended up with a closet full of men’s medium and men’s larger shirts and jackets that were supposedly “unisex.” All of which I eventually would send to my brother or my step-dad.  I worked there for 13 years. My last year there, they had a fitness push.  I signed up, and received in the mail a WOMAN’s small exercise shirt.  When I opened that package I had tears in my eyes.  Why? Because it was the first time I was offered an article of clothing that I, as a woman, could wear and that would fit!

Until then I hadn’t really realized how important it was to be given things that weren’t designed for men, but labeled as “unisex.”  And the other day, while I was watching those girls dressed up in boy’s clothing I couldn’t help wonder, how much more self esteem and self worth they might be left with, if the girls were given the opportunity to wear clothes designed for them.


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