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Dating: Looking For A Few Good Men

Dating: Looking For A Few Good Men

Editor’s Note: From the Dating Archives…

One of my girlfriends decided she wanted to date a good looking black man.  She decided this would be a good idea because they tend to be taller (she’s 5’10) and they like a girl with a little bit of back side or “Junk In The Trunk”.  (Know your market).  Now the problem is, where in South Orange County are you going to find lots of options?

Well, I thought about this for a second and realized I knew of such a guy.  Who not only was good looking and tall, he also had heart because he volunteers at the Goodwill drop off point every Saturday until about 2 or 3. Don’t even ask me why I know this except that he’s cute and I kept track.

So we load up my car, bring something heavy in hopes he will help us lift it and off we go.  We do luck out, he is there and he does notice we are carrying something heavy.  However he seemed to think we were perfectly capable of lifting it ourselves, and just directed us to “put it over there girls.”

When we went to get our receipt – I drove up to him and he says – “now you girls stay out of trouble.”  And the only response I could think of that might get him to open up was –”it’s kind of hard.”   It didn’t work.  So we decided that we would just have to keep going back until we figured out his name, and if he was single.

One of my guy friends suggested we create a form and hand it to him.  Making it much easier for him to determine that one of us was interested.  Since a guy might have to be sure he is professional even at the Goodwill drop off point.  He suggested something like this:

Good Girl Receipt

  1. Are you single?  ___ Yes _____ No  If Yes, go to question number 2
  2. Are you interested in meeting me for drink later tonight at X place?
  3. If yes, call the number below and ask for (your name here)

I think our guy friend actually came up with a better flow.  But my girlfriend decided she didn’t want to go for it.  She felt it was too forward.

Here is the dilemma women today face.  If we go for what we want, men are not allowed to do two things they like to do chase & conquer.  But if we wait around for them to figure out we like them, it could be a while.  And if we go after what we want in too forward of a way, we are afraid they will think that we just want sex.  And will end up as one of the women they don’t take seriously.


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