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Review of The Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Chocolate Body Treats for Lovers Weekend Away Kit

Review of The Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Chocolate Body Treats for Lovers Weekend Away Kit

Heart Shaped Box Comes with:

1oz Dark Chocolate Body Paint, 1.8 oz Chocolate Creme Brulee Body Souffle and 2 oz Chocolate Honey Dust

Specialty: Partner Play/ Intimacy and Fun

The KamaSutra Sweet Heart Chocolate Body Treats for Lovers comes in a box that looks just like a larger Valentine’s Day box of chocolates.  And inside are the contents of what could become a great Valentine’s or just any special weekend away night of fun

First off, this Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Chocolate Body Treats for Lovers weekend kit did not come with any real instructions. I’m guessing because we were suppose to actually read the tiny print on the lovely jars of chocolate fun.  But since you might be like me and not do so because the thought of chocolate has fried all common sense, let me explain what is in this heart shaped box for chocolate lovers, and what the intent is for each.

  1. Dark Chocolate Body Paint.  This chocolate is meant to be painted onto your lover with the provided paintbrush that reminds me of a chinese ink brush. The brush was fun in that it allowed for different textures against skin, although if you want a soft brush, use something else. We eventually ditched the brush for something more fun – our fingers.  Because there is something very sensual and yet very freeing about finger painting your partner in chocolate.   As for the taste. It was OK. Nothing to rave about. Not the best chocolate I have ever tasted, on par with say a Hersey’s bar.
  2. Chocolate Kama Sutra Creme Brulee.  Given the title I thought that this was another fun, paint on your partner and lick off kind of a deal. And so I was a little disappointed in the taste.  However… once I read the directions (ooops) in spite of it’s name, the intent is to create a tasty way to massage your partner.  As a massage gel, it is a much better experience!  The body souffle has a kind of manufactured smell and taste the reminds me of when you buy banana flavored candy – only with the chocolate creme brulee taste. So not a very natural smell. But still provides a bit of smoothness for a massage.  And since you obviously are planning on taking a shower afterwards, the smell is OK.
  3. Chocolate Honey Dust: I am not a big fan of the normal Kama Sutra honey dust.  It’s OK, but for some reason I don’t really get the taste. However .. I do like the Chocolate Kama Sutra Honey Dust.  And I really do like their little feather toy that come with it. This is a great toy to keep out for other occasions as well.  Whenever you want to slightly tease your partner.

I’m always a little concerned when putting things with sugar and artificial ingredients on my skin. I have sensitive skin and was fine.  My partner, ironically who does not have sensitive skin got a redness on his skin where some of the product had been applied.  However, once he took a shower, the redness went away and he was fine.

Something I did not do – is refrigerate after opening.  So if you had fun, and want to do it again, you might want to make sure you refrigerate the chocolate body paint.

I bought the KamaSutra Sweet Heart Chocolate Lovers kit for a romantic weekend away.  First off, then there’s no worrying about cleaning up afterwards!  And it just makes for a fun, different experience with just the two of you.  I think it was a lot of fun. However, given the taste of things not being quite as I would have liked for 2 out of the 3 products, I don’t know if I would do it again. However, conversely I would probably still give it as a gift for a bachelorette party, as it was worth experiencing once. And the pretty heart packaging makes it feel very substantial and gift-oriented.

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