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Toy Review – The Afterglow JimmyJane Massage Candle

Toy Review – The Afterglow JimmyJane Massage Candle

Width: 2.5 inches

Height: 2.5 inches

Burning Time: 32 hours

I bought the Afterglow massage candle because I always wanted to try a massage oil candle.  But I have been afraid that the wax would be too hot, and I’m not into pain. So I chose a JimmyJane candle, because they are made with soy and do not burn hot.  Turned out it was a great fun, sensual way to connect with my man

To start, burn the candle for 30 minutes, blow it out and then to use only a little bit of the oil. The directions say pour out about the size of a quarter to start, and then pour more if you need it.  A little definitely goes a long way!  If you use too much your partner will become an oil slick.

The oil from the Jimmy Jane Afterglow candle is better than massage oil because it’s warm.  And it stays warm and is very workable for at least a half hour.  It also is made with moisturizers, so the skin felt great after the massage. The warm oil felt both good against the skin when receiving a massage.  and good to work with when giving a massage. If you use a few quarter size drizzles, you won’t need any other massage oil. I originally brought out other massage oil, but honestly, this is so much better, thicker and lasts much longer than typical massage oil.

The only negative to this candle was the strong scent.  Strong scent is great for a candle, but not so much during a massage. I picked the Pink Lotus scent, which I did enjoy. But it was at time a little overpowering.

As I stated above, I was worried about heat.  I am not into S&M – and so I chose this brand after speaking with my local toy store.  They recommended JimmyJane because they don’t burn hot. The oil was very warm, right after the candle blew out, especially if you did wait 30-40 minutes for it to heat up before blowing out.  But not hot in a way that could burn someone. Just a slight shock of heat, but not enough to take me out of the mood.  And warm oil really gives a massage a new richer dimension.

I would highly recommend splurging during a vacation/weekend get away or even a special night at home.  The reason I suggest vacation is that someone else gets to worry about the sheets.  Although the candle really wasn’t as messy except when we didn’t follow the directions and poured way to much on. Otherwise, it was less messy actually than with massage oil, because the bottle always ends up dripping on the sheets.  Either way, I think adding the JimmyJane Afterglow massage candle to a romantic night, is a fun way to connect with you partner.

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