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No Magic Number of Sexual Partners

No Magic Number of Sexual Partners

One of the other things we as a society always seem to focus on, and secretly worry about, is the number of partners we have had. For men, they tend to worry that it’s not enough – it’s not big enough of a number. And for women, due to cultural pressures, we worry our number is too big. Add to that the reality of being a 30 something or 40 something and we probably have had more than a handful of partners. And even if we didn’t – we probably know our way around the bedroom, but then wonder if maybe we shouldn’t.

I do know a couple of men who don’t give a rats ass either way. But they tend to be men who have slept with a looooooootttttt of women.

And then there’s that interesting phenomenon that has been documented by colleges and universities which shows that women (typically those without a completed college education) will actually “forget” how many partners they had prior to being married. And insist that they were virgins or near virgins prior to being married. When I first read the studies on this I was skeptical But oddly enough that same weekend I was sitting with a friend who was an active, healthy, sexual young woman – insisting to me (who knew way better) and her husband (who also had to know better) and anyone else who would listen that her husband was her first and only!

So here’s the deal – there is no magic number. There’s no magic number of how many people you “should” have slept with in a lifetime, or “should not” have slept with in a lifetime. And whatever studies are being done – they are simply studies. Done mostly with a small segment of the population, that doesn’t necessarily reflect the whole of a society in the slightest. So stop worrying if you are a “slut” or if you are “too inexperienced” and just allow yourself to be.

Take your experience and use it with your current partner to have the best experience sexually you can – for the both of you. Whatever that is. And allow him to do the same. After all, isn’t that really what sex is all about anyway? The two people involved?

What do you think? Do you care about your number? Why or why not?

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