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Best Massage Oil Candle Review, Jimmy Jane Afterglow, KamaSutra and Dona Kissable Massage Oil Candle (System Jo)

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Below is a review of three popular massage candles.  After using all three, I prefer the JimmyJane Afterglow and the reviews below explain why.


Toy Review – The Afterglow, JimmyJane Massage Candle:

five stars

Width: 2.5 inches

Height: 2.5 inches

Quantity:  4.5 oz

Burning Time: 32 hours

Jimmy Jane Afterglow

I bought the Afterglow massage candle because I always wanted to try a massage oil candle.  But I have been afraid that the wax would be too hot, and I’m not into pain. So I chose a JimmyJane candle, because they are made with soy and do not burn hot.  Turned out it was a great fun, sensual way to connect with my man.

To start, burn the candle for 30 minutes, blow it out and then to use only a little bit of the oil. The directions say pour out about the size of a quarter to start, and then pour more if you need it.  A little definitely goes a long way!  If you use too much your partner will become an oil slick.  Because this candle has a spout on one side, it is easy to pour what you need.

The oil from the candle is better than massage oil because it’s warm.  And it stays warm and is very workable for at least a half hour.  It also is made with moisturizers, so the skin felt great after the massage. The warm oil felt both good against the skin when receiving a massage and good to work with when giving a massage. If you use a few quarter size drizzles, you won’t need any other massage oil. I originally brought out other massage oil, but honestly, this is so much better, thicker and lasts much longer than typical massage oil.

The only negative to this candle was the strong scent. However, strong scents are very typical of massage oil candles, I believe it has something to do with their aphrodesiac qualities.  Strong scent is great for a candle, but not so much during a massage. I picked the Pink Lotus scent, which I did enjoy. But it was at time a little overpowering.

As I stated above, I was worried about heat.  I am not into S&M – and so I chose this brand after speaking with my local toy store.  They recommended JimmyJane because they don’t burn hot. The oil was very warm, right after the candle blew out, especially if you did wait 30-40 minutes for it to heat up before blowing out.  But not hot in a way that could burn someone. Just a slight shock of heat, but not enough to take me out of the mood.  And warm oil really gives a massage a new richer dimension.

I know that this candle may be a little more expensive than other brands. But it is worth it.  First off, you use a lot less of it per massage, so the product goes a long way.  Also, sex to me is suppose to make you feel good. Using an inferior product that smells like burnt candle wax when it dries, or leaves a waxy film on you and your lover, in my book is not a good thing. I would must rather spend a little more, and get a great, sensual experience. And that is exactly why I think the JimmyJane candle is the best value and best sensual experience.

I would highly recommend splurging during a vacation/weekend get away or even a special night at home.  The reason I suggest vacation is that someone else gets to worry about the sheets.  In reality, the candle was less messy than a massage with traditional massage oil, because the bottle always ends up dripping on the sheets. But the stress of worrying about your sheets could ruin a massage. And I kind of like being able to ask for a clean set of sheets after a couples massage anyway.  But regardless of where and how, I think adding the JimmyJane Afterglow massage candle to a romantic night, is a fun way to connect with you partner.


Toy Review – The Dona Kissable Massage Candle (System Jo):

Three Stars

Width: 2.5 inches (round)

Height: 2.75 inches

Quantity: 4.75 oz

Burning Time: 20-30 hours

I loved the original Dona by System Jo products, so I really looking forward to trying their new line of Dona products, including the improved Dona Kissable Massage Candle. And with price just under $15 I was hoping to find something else to love from the new and improved Dona line. And I was happily surprised at the result. It is a much improved.

While my favorite massage oil candle is still the JimmyJane, this is a good second option. And for the price point, may be the go-to massage oil candle for a lot of couples on a budget. And, like the higher priced Jimmy Jane, this candle is both it is soy based and paraben free.

Once lit, the Dona candle burned slowly, like a normal candle. Therefore, it took about 40 minutes before there was enough for a massage (longer than some other candles on the market). I waited for about 30 seconds before pouring any liquid out for a massage. And when I did the liquid was warm, but not hot to the touch, which was nice.  You will need a bit more than you might think, simply because the Dona Kissable Massage Candle oil will easily soak into your skin. This is good a bad. Since this is meant to be a sensual massage that will lead other things – not being too oily is a good thing. On the other hand, you do have to stop and reapply the oil maybe more than you would traditional massage oil.

Like most massage candles, this too had a strong scent. I chose the Chocolate Mouse. The scent is strongest when being burnt.  Once the candle is blown out and the oil is on the body, the scent is there, but not as strong – which I appreciate. As some massage oil candles can have an overpowering scent when on the body, and too much scent for me, takes away from the experience.

This style of candle, is part of their “kissable” line.  I wouldn’t intentionally eat or lick it, it’s not food but it is definitely kissable. Because the oil does absorb into the skin, it isn’t going to get in the way of further play.  And the slight taste is neither oily nor greasy.

What I liked most about this candle is that you can kiss your partner’s body after the massage and the oil from this candle will not distract from the experience. And you can also get close to your partner after the massage, and you won’t feel like the two of you are creating an oil slick.

I was pleasantly surprised at the upgrade Dona did to their massage oil candles, with the re-launch of this brand. The main reason I prefer the JimmyJane Afterglow to the Dona Kissable Massage Candle is massage-ability. The Dona candle absorbs more quickly into the skin. Which means you need a lot more of it, and so you are interrupting your massage to pour more on.  So – if you like to give romantic massages – even though the JimmyJane is a little more expensive, because you use a LOT less of it during a massage, one JimmyJane candle is going to last a lot longer than one Dona candle.


Toy Review – KamaSutra Massage Candle:

one star - better image

Width: 2.75 inches (round)

 Height: 1.75 inches

Quantity: 4oz or 6 ozs

Burning Time: 30 hours

KamaSutra Candle

Since I was on a quest to find the best massage oil candle around, I of course had to try the popular KamaSutra brand.  I wish I had just saved my money.

This candle is made from coconut oil and shea butter. Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees.  So on the plus side you don’t actually need to burn the candle to create the massage. The downside of this is – if you leave it out or when traveling it gets pushed over on it’s side, the entire candle can melt and you will loose your ability to burn the candle. And also – you end up with a puddle of oil in your suitcase where the dry, supposedly solid candle was.  Not good at all!

This might have been forgiven if I liked the smell of my candle at all. It honestly smelled a little like house cleaner.  It had a very unpleasant aroma. I thought it smelled kind of like bug spray, my man said it smelled a little like really cheap shampoo. Either way- not a romantic smell. And in no universe could anyone possibly think this smells like almond.

The only redeeming thing I can say about this candle besides it’s travel ready tin is that it did leave my skin really nice and moisturized. There was no film at all. My skin felt soft and smooth after a shower, which was nice.  But of course my skin still had the slight weird industrial scent of the candle as well, which kind of ruined it for me.

In my opinion, this is not worthy of the KamaSutra brand.  I would definitely save my money and pay a little bit more for something that actually works and smells wonderful – like the JimmyJane Afterglow.

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