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Being Single and Feeling Lonely

Being Single and Feeling Lonely

There is a quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer that says “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with”   Hmm.  Well, while in theory, this is a great quote.; in reality, I’m guessing the man has never lived alone for a few years, without family nearby.  Cause if he had, he wouldn’t have said that.

Here’s the thing.  I truly believe that we should be totally happy at home alone.  I know women and men who can’t stay home alone for even a night.  Because it will make them think, or make them look in the mirror, and they can’t do that.  So I do believe that we should be able to make great company for ourselves.

However, I think to the single person who occasionally feels loneliness, this type of quote/ idea makes them feel “wrong.”  And there is nothing wrong with occasionally feeling lonely.  Because yes – that’s for sure gunna happen.  Or at least, maybe it hasn’t for you, and kudos to you. But for the majority of people who live alone.  Yeah, there are those moment.

My soon to be step-son was over at my place.  He and I were having lunch.  And I asked him to sit at the table that doubles as a work space in my studio to eat.  Because I didn’t want Macaroni and Cheese on my sofa.  And he said to me “Did you get lonely eating here all alone?  I think I would get so lonely I would cry.” While I don’t think I ever cried because I was eating dinner alone. I know there were times I did cry because I felt alone.  And I felt crushed by the world, and wished I could find that other person meant to live my life with me.

And to combat feeling lonely at dinner, I often watched TV while I ate, so I could at least feel like someone else was there. Or I worked while I ate.  Or I ate in the kitchen over the sink – which wasn’t really enjoying my food. But it made it much easier to clean up.

So if you are alone, don’t worry or beat yourself up if on occasion when you do feel down. And if you do end up crying just because you feel alone and maybe a little lost.  But remember in those times, that there will come a day, when you would LOVE to have some peace and quiet to yourself.  So for now, as best as you can, enjoy the now.  And know that tomorrow is another day.  One where things will get better, because they always do.  And you won’t feel so blue. And if it helps, think about those conversations you have had with friends who look longly at you when you tell them you ate your microwave dinner in peace, watching the whole latest episode of the latest “it” series in blissful, uninterrupted peace.  No one trying to grab the remote.  No one trying to change the channel.  No one complaining about your shallow choice of a show.  And no one asking you questions about homework, or what to do, or where to go, or what’s for dinner.

And in case you are wondering.  I still tend to eat lunch here at my place on my own.  WIth my feet up on my sofa, watching 15 minutes of one of “my shows”  On-Demand that my man can’t stand. And I savor every moment of it.


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