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Review – New Dona by Jo Line of Aphrodisiac and Pheromone Infused Body Line

Review – New Dona by Jo Line of Aphrodisiac and Pheromone Infused Body Line


Dona by Jo Aphrodisiac Products

Specialty: Feeling Sexy, Put You In The Mood

You know from other posts that I am a big fan of some of the System Jo products. Because they just seem to “get” us women and what we need to feel comfortable during sex. But some might find their products out of their price range. So I was excited to hear that Dona by Jo was relaunching, at an affordable price point, with an easier to understand pathway to sexy, and 3 distinct scents: Flirty (berry scented), Sassy (tropical scents) and Naughty (Sinful Spring – which really means smells like the everglades with a hint of spearmint).  And with most products at or around the $10 mark, sprinkling a little bit of sexy into our life, just got a whole lot easier and affordable.

The Dona line is founded on a group of ideas. 1) We like to smell and feel sexy when we are getting ready for a date, or simply just want to feel good in our own skin;  2) When you layer a couple of different products with the same scent onto our skin, this makes the scent last longer; 3) The very act of self-pampering for a woman is an aphrodisiac; and 4) Studies show pheromones can help in the attraction process, and at the very least, the sexier a woman feels, the more appeal that is to a man. Think of Dona as that secret extra ingredient you can use to feel sexy and flirty, and knock the breath out of your man (metaphorically) when you are ready to go out on the town.

Dona Bubble Bath

I’m all for an affordable line of products that helps a woman feel sexy and as a consequence, be thought of as sexier by the men she meets, or the man she’s dating.  I know, because my mind can go 10 million miles an hour, that if I can anticipate a night out with my man, and get ready for that night out by doing things to make me feel yummy and sexy – my man is going to be blown away. And we might not make it out the door on time after that – that’s ok too…

So if this idea appeals to you. Then I encourage you to try out a few of the Dona by Jo products. A girl can never go wrong with a little body shimmer spray,  some great smelling reed diffusers for the bedroom, and/or some bubble bath for a pre-date bath.  Dona by Jo of course isn’t stopping there, they have Kissable Body Paint, Kissable Body Topping and of course massage lotions (scented or kissable).

If you liked the original Dona by Jo, know that some of the ingredients have changed.  I really loved their original body lotion. But their new version is not paraben, and petro-derivative free. I’m guessing because they wanted to make the products more accessible, and so the price point needed to come down, which meant that the formulas needed to change a bit.

I like their new sets of fragrances. The original fragrances didn’t feel as focused and easy to layer.  My favorite is Sassy – because it’s fruity. The other two scents are nice as well, but I find the Sassy to be just feminine enough, but also a little more sophisticated than the Flirty (berry). Although if you are girlie girl and/or in your 20’s you will probably LOVE the Flirty scent.  And the Naughty, is better for things you want to use with your man like baths or massage oils, as it isn’t so feminine.

A few detailed notes about some of the other products in the line that the folks at Dona were nice enough to send me to try out:

DONA-ShaveGel-FlirtyNormally I use boring shaving cream that is really my man’s. But the Dona Shaving Cream just smells so nice and a little goes a long way. It gives a surprising good shave for my legs. I actually LOVE it, and I didn’t think I would care, but it just gives me an extra perky feeling to have that nice berry scent during my morning routine.  If you want to just feel a little bit lux in the shower during the week or before you get ready for that hot date, pick up some of the shaving cream.

The Dona Bubble Bath surprised me as well. Again a little goes a long way.  The direction say to use 2 cap fulls (which isn’t that much). I use 3, to get some amazing mounds of bubbles in the bath.  If you are taking a bath with your man, then I suggest the Naughty scent, as it is more neutral in tones, and won’t make your man feel like he’s being inundated with girlie scent.

DONA_MassageOil_scented_FlirtyThe Dona Massage Oil is a little thicker than the kissable massage oil. I love the scent (I have the Flirty). The scent of the normal massage oil is stronger that the kissable version and last for a while.  It also is thicker than the kissable massage oil. Which makes using it for massage a bit more ideal. While again, it’s not the best on the market – at this price point – it is a good buy.  I find this comparable in texture and thickness to the KamaStura brand’s massage oil. What I like about the Dona massage oil, are the scents. They are distinct to Dona and a lot of fun.

The Kissable Massage Oil – I tried the Vanilla Buttercream is similar to the normal massage oil, but not as thick. On the plus side, it is smooth and absorbs really well. And it doesn’t really taste like anything. It’s not really lick-able, but it is definitely kissable. And for that reason, if you were planing on playing a bit with your partner after you have a massage (don’t we all), than this would be a good massage oil. However, do know that it absorbs a little quickly, so honestly I’d use it on a date to sexy up my bare legs because it absorbs so well, but I think I’d stick with Donna Massage Oil because that oil is a little thicker.

I know I did a full review of the Donna Let Me Kiss You, Kissable Massage Oil candle (you can read it here), but the short version is this candle has actually improved with the re-launch. The scent is still strong, but not overpoweringly so.  And while it still takes a long time to make enough oil to give a massage, the oil has improved! It still will take a lot of product to do a massage, because the oil will absorb into the skin. However, that can also be a good thing, if you want to turn the massage into sex. And for the price this is a good candle for a fun, romantic massage with a little twist of the warm oil. I think it also makes a great gift for a couple you know needs a night away, or as part of a bachelorette gift basket.


Donna Kissable Chocolate

Donna Kissable ChocolateDona also has Massage Lotion. I’m not a fan of using it for massage I think the massage oils are better. But if you were looking for a thicker body lotion, the massage lotion works well for that (that’s what I use it for). It absorbs quickly, which is why I wouldn’t recommend it for a massage, you will be stopping way to much to relubricate. But because it does absorb well into your skin, it’s actually a great body lotion.

If you aren’t sure, but maybe want to try out the line for a fun weekend, I’d go for Dona by Jo’s Be Romanced kit – for only $25, or another gift set. Sorry I can’t give you a link to these just yet, as they aren’t out yet. But they should be ready before the holidays.

In summary, if you like products by Victoria’s Secret or Bath & Body, I think you will actually like the Dona products better. And at the same price point, they are, in my opinion worth exploring if you are looking for fun and sexy products in a budget friendly price range.

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