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Donald Trump, NBC, Miss Universe and the Women Of The Rape Trees

Donald Trump, NBC, Miss Universe and the Women Of The Rape Trees

I have a challenge to NBC, the Press and anyone getting inflamed about whatever you feel Donald Trump did or did not say. My challenge is this – Turn this into an opportunity to actually Come Together and DO something.

What would happen if we all stopped allowing ourselves to be divided, and instead, did something to stop the institutionalized, daily human trafficking and raping of little girls and women occurring before, at and after the US borders by people connected with the drug cartels?

Do you think human trafficking is bad?  Should we do all that we can to stop it?

Do you think raping a young girl or woman in a designated raping spot, stripping her, leaving her for dead, and then taking an item of her clothing and displaying it as a trophy is a horrible thing and should be stopped?

What if those things are happening in part because of drug cartels bankrolling human trafficking. Should it still be stopped?

What if those things are happening in part because of international and national government policies? Policies in Latin American, Mexico and the US that have brought us to this boiling point.  Should we work together to find solutions that stops the insanity – one step at a time?

Should we stop blaming Clinton, or Bush or Obama, and instead just DO something to change this for the better?

Or would you rather just call Trump a racist, or NBC intolerant, or wonder how you are going to possibly see the Miss Universe Pageant now?  All those are of course options open to you, but I hope you ask instead:

What would it look like if prominent members of the media started to go off script?

What would happen if someone in the media took the time to take this attention and turned it to what Trump later said he was referring to? The Rape Trees – and the raping and killing of little girls and women on their way to try and create a better life. And the killing and raping of US citizens on their own land when human trafficking/ drug cartel people are caught trespassing on private land.

What would that look like? Actually taking about an issue no one wants to talk about?

What would it be like to give a voice to all those women and children with none? Who are raped and/or killed at the Rape Trees, or in the desert, on their way and inside of the US by the human traffickers who believe that rape is their right?

But given that I was a sponsoring member of a group to support rape and incest victims, who’s benefits never really made the money they needed, I also understand that rape and killing during rape isn’t sexy. And doesn’t make people feel all warm fuzzy. Nor is it divisive, which most of our Media is finely tuned to do today.

So since it’s doesn’t sever a “purpose”, 60,000+  thousand women in the desert each year are left voiceless, dead or half alive… Their bras and panties hanging on trees as a sign to the women being dragged to them next of what is about to happen to them. And to the rapists, a bragging right.  20,000 more young girls each year, are trafficked as sex slaves, and then left to die alone, in the dark when they no longer wish to survive the hell they were sold into.

How much more would we accomplish as a people?  How much more Good would we create in the world if we allowed ourselves to talk about things not warm and fuzzy or divisive?

How much more would we accomplish if the media, and the beautiful citizens of this Country went off script – and asked real questions of our representatives in State and Federal houses of government? Asked them to stop flinging mud – and Come Together For Good. What would that look like? What could that change?

If you could stop even one rape or murder – by simply asking questions, of yourself, of your local, state and federal representatives and of you media – would you do it?

Will you do it?

When would now be a good time to start?

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