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What Defines a Player?

What Defines a Player?

What defines a player? I

What defines a player? I’ve been trying to figure this out because sometimes I worry that maybe I am one.

Although, I’m guessing if that was the case, I wouldn’t be worried about it?

To me a player is someone who toys with other people’s hearts. Who sleeps with multiple people at once and is never really going to settle down with anyone of them. But who pretends that maybe they might. Or just says whatever they think will get them to the finish line the fastest.

The reason I worry about being a player, is that I have the ability to juggle multiple dates at once. I have been known to have a date every night of the week, or on occasion, two in one day. But unlike a player, I would and will happily drop all the balls in the air when the right guy comes along. I don’t think a player is willing to do that.

I also try to make a decision about a guy within the first few dates, because I don’t want anyone to get hurt, or feel led on. And also because I really am in this to meet my next partner. Not to get lucky or be entertained. Cause, well… I can do that all on my own. : D

But I don’t know – what do you think defines a player?

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