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Who Ever Came Up With “Going Slow” Should Be Shot

Ok maybe not “shot” but who came up with this crazy dating advice? Of course I say this one month into “going slow.” And I am going a bit insane. I admit this problem is compounded by the fact that my normal fall-back release mechanisms are not currently being activated. My boy toy is on tour and I’ve been mentally distancing myself from my ex, so that makes that route not as satisfying or available as it once was…

I know that I could take control of the situation and just take the lead here. But I have decided that maybe doing what I have always done, didn’t get me the exact results I want – so I’m trying something new – and waiting. But it’s killing me!

And it’s kind of odd. Normally anyone I’m dating I’ve seen naked by at least date 3. But have had 5 dates and a sleep over, and still no nakedness. Crazy.

It’s seriously sometimes takes all my will power not to just jump the man and have my way with him. But something is holding me back. Part of it is I’m a little overwhelmed. My response to him is so strong, I’m not sure what to do with it. I mean all we’ve done is kiss and yet I feel it everywhere. I’d like to tell him how I’m feeling – but I’m not sure if he will believe me. The challenge with having the ability to respond so fully, is that when I’ve been with someone I’ve really responded to they either don’t believe me, or they think I’m that way with everyone. Neither is true. Ever relationship is different. And trust me – having an orgasm just from kissing a guy – isn’t the norm even for me. But how could he know that?

And part of what is holding me back is that I have promised myself to just enjoy each stage as it comes, and get to really know him better. But this hasn’t actually been happening. We haven’t had any deep conversations. For me at least, because I am using all my will power to not touch and burrow into him every time I see him. And for him – I get the feeling he is holding back too. So this whole idea, that taking it slow would let you get to know someone better – seems to be backfiring.

Plus, I don’t know why, but I always have great conversations with someone right after sex – in that down time when we are both really relaxed and guards down.

Ya with me on this one?

I probably should have read my own blog to speed things up!… Sexting

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