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Why Do Mom’s Love Doctors and Lawyers?

Why Do Mom’s Love Doctors and Lawyers?

From the Dating Archives…

So I’ve been doing the whole eHarmony thing. And one of the funny things is – it keeps throwing doctors and lawyers at me. Not sure why this is, unless it’s just the two professions I’ve never really dated and God has a weird sense of humor.

I’ve always felt that marrying a doctor or a lawyer would be too cliche. The funny thing is, I’m not really sure why I came up with that. It might be because I worked at a law firm for 3 years during school, and discovered that most attorneys aren’t happy. And it might also be because when you are in school, the idea of dating a guy who has another 12 – 15 years of med school and residency ahead of him, just isn’t appealing. But whatever the reason, I decided these guys were not for me.

Or maybe I just rallied against doing anything that was expected of me. And therefore went outside the box dating wise.

So for the past few years I’ve been dating other “respectable” guys. You known, men who own 2 or 3 successful companies. Or guys who are real estate developers. Because they are smart guys, successful guys, and guys who know how to take a risk. And also – in an odd way – guys who are creative. Because they make something out of nothing. Only their medium is land or product, not paint and canvas. With the occasional boy toy thrown in – who is of course also either a budding entrepreneur or budding real estate developer. (Hey when I’m consistent, I’m consistent!)

But do you know what my Mom said to me recently after I told her I have upcoming dates with a doctor and a lawyer? “So glad you are finally dating guys with a profession.” I don’t know how to break it to Mom that the above guys actually have more control over their own destinies and are more than amply rewarded for their efforts. But I guess for Moms safe and steady wins the race.

What do you think? Does your Mom prefer a certain type of man for you?

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