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The Multiple Orgasm – Isn’t Up There With Santa, It Really Does Exist

I remember being in my room in college and reading in Cosmo about the multiple orgasm and thinking – wow this really exists! Not only an orgasm – but multiple! Before then I thought multiple orgasm was just a myth. But for some reason, reading it in black and white, made it more real. And so my quest to not just be orgasmic, but multiple orgasmic began.

The irony being at the time I had never even had a single orgasm. I enjoyed being close with my boyfriend. I loved being naked and I loved that connection. But I never came – and often times sex was actually painful for me. And would get more painful, the more I tried to “make” things happen.

This was largely because my first “sexual” experiences were molestation and rape. And so I was not really in my body during sex. Often times, sex was painful, I mean really painful. My muscles would spasm, and afterwards, because things weren’t relaxing, I would hurt inside too. At that point in my life, sex wasn’t the relaxing, bliss filled aftermath I read of in books and magazines. And it felt like the more I tried, the worse it got.

I think this history of frustration and feeling like no one had the answer or could help, is the reason I am so passionate in my belief that every woman can have orgasms. Because I use to be the girl who couldn’t. And then I was that girl who only could if she was in just the right position, and not too stressed, and a certain amount (OK a LOT) of foreplay had been involved, and even then, it was just luck if I did.

Gradually, sex for me got better. As I became more in my body. As I chose better men (i.e. ones who respected me and weren’t abusive). AND – I know people don’t like to hear this but – as I became more comfortable with my body – ALL of it. I began to have multiple orgasms. And as I began to better understand chemistry, and see that not all men will work with me chemistry wise, nor should they! And that if I don’t feel safe, or if the guy can’t be present WITH me – then I can’t cum either. (Yes sometimes it really is him too). And now – now I’m that girl no one believes could possibly have as many orgasms as she does. And lately, I actually try NOT to an orgasm when first with someone I’m really into, and we are just beginning to kiss, because it can be that easy for me.

So if I can do this, be this orgasmic – so can anyone. And in next Saturday’s blog, I’ll try to break it down for you. Not because I wish to brag, but because I really do believe every woman has the ability and right to a rewarding, orgasm filled, life. And as with anything, the first step is knowing the possibility exists.

For more on being orgasmic: See My Quest for the Multiple Orgasm

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