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Do We Wait Too Long?


D Sharon Pruitt, Chasing Love

Watching Hallmark’s The Lost Valentine  – in it Betty White plays a woman who as a young bride re-met her high school sweetheart during WWII and within 2 weeks was married.

This reminded me of my grandparents love story. They met during WWII.  And were engaged 3 weeks later, married 3 weeks after that.  Shortly before my grandfather shipped out. And they were married my grandfather’s entire life. I guess they had their ups and downs. But my grandmother never stopped loving her man.  Many, many years after his death, she still loved him.  Still considered him her one and only.  Yes she did try once in a while to date, I think because people would tell her she was so young, and should.  But her heart was never in it. She had met and married her man years ago – and that was that.

But now – now we take life for granted in some ways.  We wait years to get married to the person we know is “it.”  Because we are scared. Because it’s not the “right” time yet.  Because we want to do x, y or z.  Hell half the time you can’t even get us to even commit to a monogamous relationship – we are that so reticent to live life full out.

And why?  We have no guarantee.  No more than our grandparents did. They knew life was short because the world was at war.  But in reality the only guaranteed moment we have is Now.  Today.  This second.

So what are we waiting for?

What do you think?  Do we wait too long?

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  1. HeatherMarch 5, 2011
    I think we wait too long. When I married my (now ex) husband it was after 5 years of dating and 4 of living together. By the time we got married the sense of being newlyweds was long gone and I think it caused us both some disappointment. Getting married earlier might have been more of a struggle but it might have also held us together rather than causing us to grow apart.
    • Michelle@MyDevinaMarch 6, 2011
      Thank you for sharing and for reading this blog. I feel like “fear of growing apart” is often a reason people don’t get married. It can definitely happen. But at least 1/2 the time the opposite is true. And yet for me, until recently, I didn’t see it that way.
  2. ChadMay 11, 2011
    After my latest little fiasco I am saying that we wait to long. We are so wrapped up in finding the “perfect” match that we don’t take the time to invest in what we have in front of us. Men and women alike say they are ready for commitment and as soon as it hits them in the face they run away like a scared little kid.
    I’ve heard the “I want to take things slow” even though we have already been intimate with one another and in the very beginning she was all about having a relationship. And yet when the commitment was right in front of her she decided to bolt……

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