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Toy Review : Fetish Fantasy Series Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties

Toy Review : Fetish Fantasy Series Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties

Bullet Length: 3” with antenna additional 3.5” inches

Panties: One Size Fits most

Specialty: Clitoral Stimulation and Partner Play

Contender For the Who Needs A Man? Vibrator of the Year: No

My man kept hinting that he wanted to be able to tease me in public. While that still hasn’s happened, I did try the Fetish Fantasy Series Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties by Pipedream at home.  The experience left a lot to be desired.

First off, the panties are one size fits most – and as I’m only 5’2” this means they were a little big for me. Which I could totally get over if it wasn’t for the fact that once the bullet went into the little pocket in the panties, I looked like I had a small package.  That did not make me feel sexy at all.

But I continued thinking that it might still be fun, and gave my man the remote.  There was a bit of delay between the remote and the toy. Even with the antenna pretty close to the remote.  And even though there were 20 different settings for the bullet, the fact that it at one point simply shut off and would not turn back on was a deal breaker for me.  Also a deal breaker was that randomly, for no apparent reason well after we had given up on it, the bullet suddenly decided to turn itself back on.

I thought maybe all was not lost and I could simply use it as a bullet. But I never was able to work out how to make it turn on when I wanted it to – not when it felt like it.  So all in all this is not a product I would recommend.

And also – after trying this type of bullet panty – I would suggest that if you really did want to take your teasing outside, that a set which contours to the woman’s body would be much more appealing for many reasons.

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