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Toy Review: The Lelo Gigi 2

Toy Review: The Lelo Gigi 2

Width: 1 1/4 inches

Useable Length: 4 inches

Length According to Manufacturer: 6 1/2, 4 1/2 useable length

Specialty: G-spot Stimulation

Contender For the Who Needs A Man? Vibrator of the Year: Yes

If you can’t tell by the above star ratings – I flipping LOVE this toy!  I had been eyeing a couple of Lelo products at the local boutiques.  When asked if I would do a toy review – I thought this was a great time to try one of the Lelo toys out.  And I’m super glad I did.

My intent when purchasing the Lelo Gigi 2  was to get a good g-spot orgasm.  And I was definitely very satisfied with the results. Honestly, I should say I was surprised by the results.  I haven’t had much luck with vibrating toys in the past for vaginal stimulation. Either toys are way to hard on the vibration, and my insides feel off the next day.  Or the vibrations are too soft, and don’t do the trick.  The Gigi was just right.  Probably in part, because it has 8 different vibrational options to choose from AND a way to choose the level of intensity for the vibration as well.  If you want harder, or softer it’s easy to use the controls to change it up.  Or choose another vibration rhythm.  And unlike some other toys, this does not feel like a chinese puzzle you are trying to figure out to get back to the vibration and intensity you like best, or feel like at that moment.

I also chose the Lelo Gigi 2 g-spot vibrator because of it’s slim size and its high-grade silicone body. Because I am small, bigger toys are not comfortable for me, especially when using them without a partner. (I am not a fan of rubber and plastic toys.  They smell weird and aren’t pleasing to the touch.)

Other cool things about the Gigi:

* It’s rechargeable – Which I like because have you ever tried to explain to someone you need a specific type of toy battery – and invariable the people at the drug store can’t find it and ask ”what’s it for?”  And all I can think of is “Ummm, my garage door opener????”

*It tells me when it is charged.  The light around the controls goes solid when the charging is complete, and it takes a maximum of 2 hours to be fully charged.

*It’s controls are easy to use.  The hand controls are very easy to feel and understand from any position. (i.e. Easy for me to use and understand alone, and also easy for a partner to understand.)

*The Gigi 2 is actually waterproof – which is a great upgrade from the original.

The only drawback I can think of to the Lelo Gigi 2 is that when I used it with my partner, he somehow kept locking the vibrator up (it has a locking mechanism for travel).  But we solved this problem by letting me set and change the controls during play. Maybe he’s just secretly worried Gigi will best him at his own talent of finding my g-spot???  : )

I do like Gigi a lot. But as with all toys – they can’t replace the love, and attention of a real man…..At least not yet ; )

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  1. RickJune 17, 2012
    I just bought one for my girlfriend, partly because the shopgirl said it could go in the shower but the packaging said nothing about it being okay to do this. Do you know whether it can actually go in the shower?
    Thank you!!
    • My DevinaJune 18, 2012
      Hi Rick. This is a great question. And I can’t find a definitive answer for you as various sites contradict themselves on this topic. And unfortunately, the actual Lelo site doesn’t say. : ( I know I get mine wet to clean it, and I don’t worry that I’m hurting it at all because the area that charges it is completely covered with a rubber insert. However, I don’t know about “waterproof.” I have sent an email to Lelo headquarters. And will let you know if I hear back from them. It’s an expensive toy, so I don’t want to give you the wrong information.
    • My DevinaJune 20, 2012
      Hi Rick, I heard back from Lelo’s customer service. They advised to not put the original Gigi in water at all. And to use a washcloth to clean it. I’m guessing that is not what you were hoping to hear. (But you can put the Gigi 2 in water, as it is waterproof.) I’m not sure if I put this in the review of not, but Gigi isn’t just a great g-spot vibrator. It can be a great way for a partner to stimulate the clit. As that same flat head works well there too. So I hope you and your girlfriend will be able to have plenty of play time with Gigi, even if it isn’t in the shower. -Michelle

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