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Healing from Rape – The Light At The End of The Tunnel

Healing from Rape – The Light At The End of The Tunnel

What has happened in our past does not need to always be part of our shadow. After I was raped a therapist told me that I would never get over being raped. I want to tell anyone reading right now, that is absolute crap. Don’t believe it if someone tells you that! You can and will heal completely from that time, if you give yourself the time and tools needed to heal.  There are certain techniques that a trained professional can do to help you wipe all emotional charge from that point in time from your life. There are other techniques as well which can help clear energy and memories from you.  That are a little more out there, but the point is, there’s more than one way and one path to total healing after rape. I know because I did just that.

My struggles in the past 2 years that I have shared here have been mostly focused on a different time, a time in my childhood when I was molested.  But because I also blocked those out, and in a much better way. I haven’t been able to use the same tools & techniques that I used to recover fully from being raped.

In a way the same thing happened with the rapes.  At first I blacked them out as well.  But was forced for medical reasons to deal with the reality.  I initially tried traditional freudian psychotherapy which was no help.  (How could it be when the main premise of that is you can’t actually heal fully from a bad experience.)  Then I worked on chipping away at my emotional charge during clearing sessions.  Until at last I was able to sit down, and play out the details in a safe environment, again and again and again until there was no emotional charge, and the memory faded away. As did all my emotional charge, hurt, anger etc that was created during those times.

Some people have asked how do I know I am OK with the rapes and healed?  To start with certain things that use to trigger me – like someone wrestling with me playfully, or tickling me don’t trigger any more. But for me the biggest win is that I once again love Halloween. For years I hated and avoided that holiday because that is why I had been raped. Today it is now, once again my favorite and most looked forward to holiday. And this did not happen until after proper treatment and release of my past.

So for everyone out there struggling.  Please know you are not alone.  And also please know that one day, you will no longer identify yourself as a victim, as a survivor or as anything related to being raped.  You will instead just be magnificent, whole, complete you. Don’t give up – there really is not just light, but great amounts of sunshine waiting for you at the end of your healing tunnel.

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Peace and love,

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