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Being Single, Manifesting And Letting Go

Being Single, Manifesting And Letting Go

Whenever I am focused on manifesting something new and positive in my life, I always remember what the “Experts” say. They always say – you have to let go of it. You have to let go of having to have it. And then think how the heck am I suppose to do that? I WANT this thing! This was especially true about a boyfriend – the right one. And so I have a funny story to share about how I let go and didn’t even realize it.

Every summer for the past 5 years I have spent a few days at The Parker in Palm Springs. And for 4 of those years, I went alone. Even the one year I actually had a boyfriend, I went alone because he had to work, and our relationship was really new.

Every year I was probably the only single person at the resort. Everyone seemed to be couples, or friend with other friends. It was daunting at times, and a little lonely at others. By the second night, I definitely would feel the loneliness creep in. And I would push it aside to enjoy my last night. The ironic thing was, most of the time, people would come up to me and say they were envious of my having a vacation all to myself. I still felt like the odd woman out.

And every year, I would walk by the fire pit at night, and wish that I had someone to sit in the firelight with, and talk in low whispers to each other. And every year, I would walk by the hammock, hung between two palm trees and wish I had someone to curl up with. And never did I stop and allow myself to enjoy those things alone. I only thought.. I wish… I wish.. And every year I would think “I wish.. I wish… I was here with someone.”

Then this past Christmas I decided that I would go to The Parker, even though I was alone, and would enjoy my time there. (My family lives on the other side of the US, and work was busy so I didn’t go home.) Instead I cashed in some points, and booked my stay. When I got there, again I felt the loneliness creep in. And again I pushed it aside to enjoy my stay.

Then a funny thing happened. I walked by the fire pit and instead of saying “I wish I had someone to enjoy that with” I sat down. I allowed myself to have that experience as it was being presented to me. And then the next day I walked by the hammocks swinging in the breeze and instead of saying “i wish” I sat down in one. And oh, what bliss, what peace. All on my own. I finally allowed myself To Have. To have the experience that had been right in front of me, all that time. But I was finally ready to receive it, in the Now.

And then an even funnier thing happened. This summer, I wasn’t at The Parker alone. I brought my boyfriend. And we sat at the fire pit and whispered sweet nothings to each other by the firelight. And we lay in the hammock, our bodies entwined, relaxing and taking in the palm trees above. And it was bliss.

And then I realized. By letting go of HAVING TO HAVE THIS NOW IN EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT IT and instead, enjoying the experience in the Now as it was presented, in quite some magnificence of it’s own. I let go of “having” to “have” that boyfriend. And in so doing, brought him to me.

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