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Public Service Announcement: To Anyone Who Had Random Consensual Sex, and Is Now A Parent

Forgive me for a moment while I go on a short rant. That has nothing to do with my own situation, but something that is just aggravating to keep hearing from both sexes. I don’t know about you, but I am extremely tired of 30 and 40 year olds bitching about how it’s someone else’s fault that they are a parent.

Gentlemen: It takes TWO people to create a baby. If you didn’t put a condom on it and wrap your shit up – deal with it. Her being pregnant is YOUR fault.

Ladies: It takes TWO people to create a baby. Unless you live in a third world or muslim country, YOU have the ability and access to a variety of birth control options. And no, the rhythm method is not birth control! That’s called working on having a baby. So if you are pregnant, the guy did not “ruin your life.” YOU are responsible for getting pregnant. Deal with it.

I know maybe that little rant sounds harsh. But I have been listening to men and women over the past 10 years complain to me about how their life is ruined by accidental pregnancies and how it’s the other person’s fault. The fact is, if we are mature enough to be having sex, then we should know that sex can lead to babies and that all forms of birth control are faulty.

But in spite of everyone knowing birth control is not 100% accurate, especially when put into daily practice, people still want to be mad at someone else for their situation. Guys are saying “but she said she was on the pill” or “but I only had sex with her this one time!” Yeah, that’s all it takes dumb ass. And, even if she really was on the pill, that isn’t 100% effective. So get over it. It’s YOUR responsibility, and no one else’s if you are now a Dad. So stop blaming that “manipulative bitch” and get over yourself. Start being grateful for your wonderful child that brings you joy and growth, and has probably helped you become a better man. Move forward. And next time, if you don’t want a baby with someone, put a fricking condom on.

Women – we know from puberty on that sex can lead to babies! We aren’t in the dark ages. And we didn’t grow up like our Mom’s, being kept uneducated about female body changes and experiences. So grow up! If you ended up with an unplanned pregnancy, and are now a mother – deal with it. Take full, 100% responsibility for where you are today. YOU allowed YOU to get pregnant. Now stop blaming the guy and take stock of where you are. Look at your beautiful child, and be thankful for the unexpected gifts he or she brings you. And move forward with your life!

I know I just told both men and women to take 100% responsibility for the child and the pregnancy. But this is because all of us, need to do so with anything in our life. We and we alone are in charge of our life. So unless we take 100% responsibility for the good and the bad, we won’t grow, we won’t move forward and we won’t experience real peace and happiness. Because bitterness and anger will be eating away at us just below the surface. And the fact in this case is, if you had chosen to not have sex that night, or you had made sure one or two forms of birth control were being used, you wouldn’t be a parent today. Therefore, this very much is your responsibility. So start acting like it.

Thank you for listening, you may now go back to your regularly scheduled programing. Pin it

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