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Dating: Special Occasion Sex?

Dating: Special Occasion Sex?

There is a myth out there. I wonder if anyone else has come across it?  The one that says women don’t want sex and men are crazy sex machines.  This might – might – have applied to part of the population in our late teens. (Although studies show teen girls and boys dream equally about sex.) But honestly, with the exception of my current man, I have if anything found the exact opposite to almost always have been true.

My ex-fiance gave me a card on my 21st birthday.  It said – “They got birthdays and sex mixed up. The wrong one lasts all day.”  Yep – that about summed it up. I LOVED sex, even back then, when I had no idea how to have an orgasm, and found sex to often be painful (which will happen if your dude doesn’t know what foreplay is, and you feel awkward insisting on it).

So now, as I am in my mid to late 30’s, and actually know my own body, know how to please myself and my partner much better. I still Love Love Love sex.  And making love, and cuddling… naked.

So imagine my surprise and frustration that whenever I was dating a new guy and decided to have sex with him – that for the most part I STILL was the one who wanted sex more than him.

I felt like I was always the one who wanted more, not less sex please! It got so bad, that at one point, the guy I was dating told me that he felt that sex was only for special occasions.  I was so hopeless at that point in ever finding a partner who matched my drive, that I actually decided for a few weeks that this was OK. That sex on vacations, holidays and really good days was going to be enough for me. And I actually talked myself into believing that since I had yet to encounter anyone age appropriate who wanted sex more than a few times a month, that I would just need to make do with my toy collection. WTF was I thinking?

Thankfully I have finally found a guy who loves sex as much as me.  Maybe even more.  But even when we have completely consumed each other and I can’t walk or breathe because every muscle in my body is spent, I’m not going to complain. Because it beats the hell out of special occasion sex.

What do you think?  Do you think men or women want more sex? Which is the hornier sex?

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