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Dating 101: Drinks = Sex, Dinner = Relationship

There is a famous quote from Patti Stranger from the Millionaire Matchmaker.  She says “Coffee is cheap. Drinks are an audition. Lunch is an interview.  Dinner is romance.”  I would have to say I agree with her.  Only once, in my many years of dating, did a coffee date with a guy turn into something other than a coffee date with a guy.  And that I think was simply because it was Christmas, and we were both not going home for the holidays, and so we hung out for a few weeks.  It was a holi-date.  But other than that one exception – coffee never ever led to anything else.  Have some faith in your pre screening skills.  Plus, half the time I’d end up having to get my own coffee, which is not impressive, not at all.

Dinner = Relationship

Here’s the problem with Drinks.  There is no end time to it. I have had drink dates last twice as long as a dinner date, because there is no predefined middle and end.  And I suck at lying. Plus why ruin my karma lying about something stupid, so I can get out of a date that is going nowhere fast.  When I started to analyze it I realized that any guy who had asked me out to drinks ended up either being horribly bad at dating (i.e. he just get a divorce and shouldn’t have been out anyway, or he just wanted to get laid). And yes, sometimes drinks did lead to another date.  But still – the guy really only wanted to just get laid, no matter what that eHarmony profile said.  So girls, do yourself a favor, save time and hassles and accept only dinner dates.

That said – I know guys will be up in arms over this because of the costs. You don’t have to take a girl to a 5 star restaurant to impress her.  If you do, you are dating the wrong girl.  But at the same time, if you really think a relationship is possible with someone, why short change you and her by starting off poorly?

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