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Online Dating: eHarmony Deconstructed

from the dating archives …

About 6 months ago I promised to let you know how the eHarmony adventure was. So here goes.
When I started I thought that there would be a lot of guys you would expect to be online because they couldn’t possibly attract girls at a bar. And there were.
I thought that there would be guys with no game, who would subsequently not be able to ask me out or get incredibly flustered on our dates. And there were.

I thought there would be some crazy guys – stalker-ish – and there were.

I thought there would be players, just looking to hook up – like with a lot of the other sites. And there were. Only their game was a little different here. They wanted a little bit of a challenge – but after turning them down for sex 2 dates in a row they all left. So they were easy enough to spot. Plus they generally drove flashy cars, talked about how much money they had, and always asked to meet for drinks, not dinner, that first date.
But – there were a few guys who would have been happy to keep things going with me. However, I wasn’t into them.

And I was able to test out a few “types” of guys I would never have talked to or mingled with in my every day life. (Like doctors and lawyers, who up until then I had summarily rejected because it was just so cliche.) Occasionally this made for a good date. But I did learn that attorney’s are not for me – they argue with you when you tell them you don’t want another date.

And… there were some guys who gave me hope.

The one thing I wasn’t expecting were men who went through this long arduous hours-of-filling-out-questions process, and told me during the first date they wanted to meet a partner, get married, settle down etc. not really knowing what they wanted. More than once, when we were clicking – we talked about that in fact – they turned around and decided: nope – gunna just go play with the boys like I was before all this – never mind. (And no it wasn’t a way to get rid of me – they really are not dating anyone seriously, and spending a lot of time traveling and hanging with the guys.)

Dating on a site like eHarmony has it’s own unique potholes. The first being the chemistry thing. You can’t tell until you meet someone if you will have chemistry or not. Although, the two guys I liked the most this past 6 months – I knew before going in that we would probably have chemistry. And we did – very much so.

But other guys – appeared good on paper, were totally “my type” and we had absolutely no spark once we met. To be fair – I am a very aware, chemistry based person, so maybe this wouldn’t be the case for everyone.

The second intrinsic pot hole in the road via eHarmony is that you have already talked about a lot of things (kids, marriage, religion) – you normally don’t talk about for a while when dating organically. So it puts a lot of pressure on everyone – to figure it out right away. And makes it feel a little forced. It’s almost as if you have pushed the verbal intimacy way ahead of where the physical and emotional intimacy is. And it doesn’t always work out.

My take away so far? It was interesting. I’ve met a lot of men. I could have easily had a date every night of the week if that was what I was after. So definitely a great quantity of men to choose from. However, I’m a quality over quantity kind of girl, and it was a bit hit and miss. Basically like the upscale bar, only you don’t have to talk a girlfriend into going out to the place your “type” of guy hangs at.

So – will I renew my membership? Not sure. For one thing, they really don’t have an unlimited supply of men, and the amount of “stretch matches” in my inbox of late is high. And, I really don’t know if their process is for me.

However, I probably won’t give up on online dating all together. Although I may take a few weeks break. I think online dating makes finding a date, even if it’s not “the one” a lot easier. So I may try a little more targeted approach or site. Will have to wait and see how I feel in a few weeks.

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